Its very easy to take a headshot with a mobile phone but will it be any good? Taking a good headshot is a skill and I won’t bore with the details only to say that I won’t charge you to take your headshot. IT’S FREE. That’s right. For me to come to your offices and take your portrait I won’t charge a penny. You only pay if you like your headshot.  I guarantee my headshots so much that I’m willing to take that risk.

So if that is the case what will the digital file cost?


To drive to your premises, set up all my gear and take your photo……..FREE

To buy one digital file of your portrait from me……………………………….£94.00


For me to come to your offices and take some headshots for FREE then I need at least 5 people to photograph.

Because I live near the Hampshire/Sussex border if you live in those counties I don’t charge travel expenses to visit where the shoot will take place. If your location is outside of those two counties I charge mileage at the usual rate of .45p per mile. Pretty standard stuff.

If it is just one person that needs their headshot carried out no problem at all but I charge £194.00 (Sorry it’s not free for one person) to do that plus travel expenses if outside of Hampshire or Sussex. As part of that fee you get 2 headshots of your choice retouched.

My only caveat is that every image you order I retouch it in photoshop as part of my fee (which is why its a bit more expensive) I don’t let any photo out of my studio unless I’ve done some retouching on it. Everyone is unique but we all have spots and bags under our eyes and yellow teeth (unless you’re Rylan Clarke!) so I like to tone these down a bit and, trust me, you will thank me for it!

I do like to spend at least 15 minutes per person. This is to get to know them a bit and take a variety of photos to make them feel relaxed and get used to being in front of a camera because, lets face it, have your photo taken is only slightly better than visiting the dentist only less painful and more standing up!

If you’re part of a large company and want lots of people headshots carried out and you only want 5 mins per person without them being retouched then I can do this and will provide a cheaper per person quote but it will need to be for more than 50 people unless it is the Oscars ceremony and then I’ll do it for free!

This is a great offer so do get in touch by mailing me here or call 07792 366002 to arrange a time and date.

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