Ever day I browse LinkedIn to see what is going on in my feed and see if there’s any more people I can make contact with. And every day I’m constantly shocked at how bad a lot of people’s headshots are. I know that many upload the photo of themselves that happens to be sitting on their desktop because its convenient and quick but it doesn’t mean that they should.

In an effort to do some more research on the spectrum of headshots on LinkedIn I typed in ‘Chairman’. If there’s any group of people on the platform that would have a decent headshot then it is these people. But again, I was shocked.

One had a picture of themselves in a football group photo, another was clearly on holiday on a barge in France, a few had uploaded their companies logo and quite a lot hadn’t bothered so were left with the LinkedIn holding emoji. And these were prominent business people working for large corporate companies.

You might say that it is in my interests to say how bad headshots are on LinkedIn because that’s how I drum up business. Yes and no. Firstly there’s no way in my lifetime I could photograph all the people on LinkedIn that had a bad headshot, and secondly, a bad headshot is not doing anyone any favours and especially not on a business platform liked LinkedIn.

Yes we should all make time to phone a headshot photographer to book that appointment to have a professional profile photo not just on here but for your website, social media platforms and even your passport photo.

I’m not sure what other headshot photographers charge but I could do yours for only £95 per person (minimum of 5 employees) and even less if there’s more.

Get in contact my emailing me at or call 07792 366002 to arrange a time. Don’t be that person with the bad headshot!

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