After my ‘Welcome Page’ most people will then click on my ‘Prices’ page. How much is it going to cost to have my headshot taken? A lot of people employ photographers to take their headshot on price and more often than that, that is pretty much it. The cheapest photographer wins.

I work a little differently in that I ask the question – How much value do you place on having one shot of you out there for everyone to see? Anyone who sees it, like it or not, is going to judge you on that one shot. Do you seem likeable, presentable, trustworthy, professional, basically, can I do business with this person?

That one headshot is your brand, whether you work as part of a large company or if you work for yourself. So that image is worth something. It could get you an interview for a new job, an offer to tender for a valuable contract or a promotion at work.

Yes I can get a headshot of you in 5 minutes. Will it be any good – I doubt it. To get a good headshot takes time. I have to establish a rapport, a trust and build a relationship with you. And this is what makes what I do valuable. It’s not about the equipment or the camera because pretty much all photographers have the gear to do the job.

There are a lot of general photographers who do headshots but I’m a headshot photographer so if you value a good headshot please get in touch. I’m not the cheapest but I’m one of the few who guarantee my work.

My pricing structure is very simple – I charge £95 per person for a headshot portrait session at the location of your choice with a minimum of 5 people at that location. So if you are a company and can get a few others to join you for a new professional headshot then it makes for a very good deal. For that £95 you get a digital contact sheet on a private weblink and you can choose 5 of your favourite shots, of which, I will photoshop one of them. If you’ve a lot of people to photograph please email me HERE and we can discuss a discounted rate that fits within your budget.

If its just you on your own then I charge £250 for a 1-2 hour portrait session with a selection of images to choose from and I will professionally retouch 2 of your favourites.

Email me here or call 07792 366002 to arrange a time and date.

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