On paper a headshot of a CEO is no different than any other headshot photograph. It is another portrait that needs to be taken either as part of other employees or just because you were brought in to specifically take a shot of this CEO at this time and this date.

But headshots of CEO’s are a bit different. They are extremely busy people and you’re a very small part of their very busy day but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good headshot. Sometimes all you have is 5 minutes and that is it and an assistant is timing you and when that time is up you’re finished.

In these situations I do a couple of things. Firstly I get to the location at least an hour before I’m due to take the headshot. Ideally more than that if I’m allowed access to the location. I set up and check my equipment then double check everything is working. I also have a back up camera and back up lights ready to go should something not work during the shoot. And lastly, I have a slightly different lighting set up I can go to if they don’t like the look of the portrait.

Now most CEO’s didn’t get to where they are today because they have little or no people skills. Normally they are very good at communicating with everyone including you. All you need to do is engage with them, like you would do at any headshot shoot, and by doing that I normally get more time with them because they are enjoying the process.

Weirdly I really enjoy the added pressure of shooting a CEO so really look forward to any shoot when I have to take their headshot.

Get in touch my emailing me here or calling on 07792 366002

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