Is your headshot hurting your brand?

When we come to think of the word ‘brand’ we often think of companies, mostly larger ones, that have a distinct image. I’m not going to mention the famous ones but you know what I mean.

And they’re all find and dandy but what about our brand. Yours and mine. Are we a brand? Very much so yes. Every time someone clicks on you, your website, your facebook page or instagram feed they are getting an idea of what you’re about and what you stand for. After looking at something you’ve written or a photo you’ve posted they, rightly or wrongly, make assumptions about you. It’s a good reason why a lot of companies will look at your facebook page before they hire you to get an idea of what kind of person you are. It’s also another reason whey you need to be careful what you post. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the person who missed out on a job because of a drunk photo posted from a Christmas party.

Again, people also make assumptions about you based on your profile photograph. Do you have one, where was it taken, how old the photo looks, what you’re wearing. These things can say a lot about you.

Because LinkedIn is mainly used as a networking business tool it is better to upload a photo of you looking business-like and appropriate to your industry. Creatives aren’t going to photograph themselves wearing a suit and a tie necessarily but they need to look professional.

With that in mind do be careful what photograph you upload for your profile photographer and get in touch if I can help create a new one for you.

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