New Headshots from this week

Above are some new headshots from this week and they’re a little different in that the client wanted a more lifestyle background to show depth to the shot. I like these type of headshots but it is quite rare for a client to go for this type of style. Some see it as an added distraction that takes away from the persons face but I do like the contextual nature of these as it places the person in their environment and makes it more of a story. Here the warm orange tungsten lights in the background gives the office some warmth and adds a more approachable nature to the portraits that you just don’t get from a pure white background that I sometimes think is very stark. Yes you focus on the persons face but it doesn’t always give the shot any depth which is so important sometimes.

Let me know what you think. And do get in touch if you want this sort of style for your next headshot shoot. Email me at

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