Is it ok to photoshop your headshot?

There is a lot of controversy at the moment about using photoshop to alter someones face and body. The argument quite rightly covers impressionable teenagers and young adults who look up to celebrities that are giving a false image about their bodies with the artificial use of photoshop to make them look like something they’re not. This could be to make them look thinner, fake tan and just a general photoshop nip and tuck.

Is the photoshopping of someone’s headshot in the same category? Yes and no. As photographers and retouchers we do need to be careful about altering someone’s face so that it is quite a bit different to how they look so that takes it too far. But I am an advocate of removing blemishes, minor alterations and colour corrections.

Photoshop is a very powerful tool for us headshot photographers and we need to be careful using it. On the one hand we have our clients who are paying us to look the best they can be and on the other hand we don’t want to upload a photograph with our name on it as having taken the picture and then everyone criticises it because it looks nothing like the person.

What do you think?

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