How does a headshot photographer photograph themselves?

It’s not easy taking your own headshot, I know, I spent a few hours doing it yesterday but I try and do it every year in January to update myself. And I wouldn’t be a very good headshot photographer if I didn’t practise what I preach and update my profile photo. It doesn’t look good to still have one floating around from a party in the 1980’s!

One way to update your photo is to ask a friend, look through your phone feed or better still hire a headshot photographer. The few friends I trust to take my photo where away so I did it myself. I set up my studio at home, arranged the lights and background until I was happy then clicked away, which was tough as I had to prefocus the camera and remote shoot it from a bluetooth wireless device. Not easy.  And being a perfectionist, it took quite a few goes.

But it was good for me. It essential that I know and understand what it feels like to be the other side of the camera so I can empathise with my clients and I’m one of the worst people to have my photo taken, I just hate it!

And a lot of the people I photograph dislike it as well, in fact, that’s often the first thing they say to me, “I hate having my photo taken.” And that’s fine, once we get going they often enjoy the experience.

Give me a call or email me if you’d like your headshot photo taken. I promise it will be as painless as possible. I know what it feels like to be on the other side!

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