New year, new you, new headshot

It’s that time of year of making resolutions and hopefully sticking to them until the middle of January! Resolutions or not we all like to set new goals in the new year and refocusing our energies towards what really needs to be done rather than things that are a complete waste of our time. It’s a time to target the things you really can change.

And while most of us will be choosing weight loss as one of those goals the success rate is shockingly low for that that loose weight and keep it off.

Sometimes I get clients put off having a headshot taken until they’ve shed a few pounds but few of them know that I can make your face look thinner with a few tricks when I’m at the photoshoot.

One of those is choosing your best side. I know that sounds a bit of a myth but most people do have a best side and one of the first things I do on a shoot is to take photos of my clients from different angles – one straight on, one to the left and the other to the right. From these I can tell which is the better side.

I also use light to sculpt the face, again which can make it appear thinner. I also ask the clients to pose a certain way, often to stick the chin out a little which removes any double chins and also makes the face appear longer.

And lastly, there is also a bit of photoshop that can also help a great deal with some light handed use of the liquify tool and selective dodging and burning and most clients are amazed at what can be done.

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