How to have a killer LinkedIn profile photo?

If there is one platform where a good headshot photo counts over all others – it is LinkedIn. It is the place where businesses do most of their networking and make connections. Your 14 times more likely for someone to reach out to you if you have a good headshot photo on your profile page.

I know it sounds obvious but reaching for that holiday snap or 10 year old photo isn’t going to help but you’d be amazed how many have these examples on their profile page.

The first thing you should do is book an appointment with a professional headshot photographer. I’m so confident that I can do a better job than your current profile photo that I’ll give you your money back if you’re not happy.

If you want a profile photo that is something to tide you over while you find a headshot photographer then below are a few tips for a killer linkedIn photo.

  1. Make sure the photo is in focus but putting it into an editing programme and enlarging it to 100% to check focus
  2. Look at the background to see if anything distracting is behind you like a tree sticking out of your ear or a brightly coloured car that could lead the viewers eye away from your face.
  3. Please, please don’t upload a photo taken more than 5 years ago. It will be obvious to not only people that know you that it is an old photo but sometimes clothes trends can be a big giveaway.
  4. Don’t upload a group photo with you in it or crop into a group photo so you can see other people’s shoulders next to yours. It just screams amateurish.
  5. And lastly, don’t use a silhouette of you either. It really doesn’t say much about what you look like and people will often click onto the next person.

These are just a few small and obvious points but will all help you look as professional as you can on LinkedIn.

Give me a call or EMAIL  if I can help with you new headshot photo on your profile page.


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